I never do New Years resolutions, and to a certain degree, I’m still not.
However, to start the year off positively I posted a Facebook status with a few goals I want to achieve this year.

Putting my list of goals for 2016 here for Facebook to taunt me at how many I didn’t do in a years time.

  • Lose at least a stone
  • Learn at least 1 song on my 3 year old guitar
  • Donate/Raise a min of £50 to/for charity
  • Get my website built
  • Create a basic game (new skill)

The biggest challenge on that list at the time was going to be the website rebuild.

Dafuq? It’s what you do!

It’s something that has been avoided like the plague for several years now.
Mostly because of shame, laziness and what I thought was a “lack of time”.

Realistically, I think I just didn’t want to do it.

Over the last year, the fiery passion I had for the web industry has slowly dwindled to a few embers crackling away on an otherwise cold fire.

There are a few reasons for this, none of which I’ll bore you with, but it needed to change rapidly. This is where this site has magically come from.

I’m getting my passion back.
I’m starting to tinker again.
I’m back to learning new things.

Hello Jekyll, bye bye WordPress

The new site is created using Jekyll:

Markdown (or Textile), Liquid, HTML & CSS go in. Static sites come out ready for deployment.

This means the new site should be lightning fast, hack proof (almost), and have absolutely no database queries to run.
These are the direct opposite of what I’ve been dealing with all day for the last year at work.

It’s. So. Damn. Refreshing.

So the site’s up, what now?

Hopefully, I’ll keep updating it; tweaking it; playing with new tech etc.

If anything, I’ll be blogging about the other goals I set myself – so you can keep pressure on me to complete them if you like ;)

Tweet me your recommendations for any apps which may help me get started running.
I’m basically a sloth with a dodgy shoulder, so I’m starting from scratch.

Also, If you spot any bugs, please please please let me know