Almost all the other sites I build have a different type of content that needs to be catered for… it’s more verbose. For my own site, I wanted the focus to be just the content.

But why would I not “design” my own site in the sense of making it as flashy as possible? Well, I tried that, and I get bored of the designs before I finish coding them up.

It’s a personal flaw, I'm too fickle with my own work.

Besides, keeping the design simple, clean and elegant means that you're getting just the content you've come for right?


The start of any content-focussed site should be to make the content as readable as possible. If you’re not interested at all in typography, I’d skip this section.

Font choices

The web fonts being used:

There was something visually appealing to me about this combination, your opinion may differ though.

Lato works well as a heading font (with a small about of kerning) – setting the H1 at a heavier weight to emphasise the post title.

Esteban is a lovely, readable font too. It seems to work well with differing font-sizes as the device width is altered.

Line length & leading

With the line length being kept around 70 characters (slighly less on mobile), and the leading at 150%, I’m fairly certain the type can be easily and effortlessly read without losing which line you’re on or having to re-read anything.

The text has enough room to breathe, and not look cluttered and unappealing.

Responsive sizing

To keep the line-length and form of the text roughly the same on as many screen widths as possible, the “vw” (viewport width) unit has been used for sizing the text.

As the viewport (screen) changes size, the text does too.
There are “breakpoints” at which the “vw” unit is slightly tweaked to ensure readability remains optimised.

Loading process

If you have JavaScript enabled, the page will show you a joyful set of bouncing balls until the whole post has loaded.

This ensures there’s no jumpy font loading, images or any other assets causing the experience to be horrific looking.

No Navigation?

At the moment, there isn't enough content on the site to warrant navigation as such. You’ve got the back button on your browser, and the logo for the homepage, what more do you want?