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Hi, my name’s Matt.

I design well planned, beautiful interfaces for the web & mobile.
I also take photos, tweet prolifically and author sporadic blog posts.

Matt Kersley, web designer in peterborough (uk)

From the blog ~ All change at the next stop

Big changes are coming. But I like change. I’m getting hitched! That’s right ladies… I’m going to be off the market! *pauses for loud sighs of disappointment* Hey! Where was the noise?! Meh, whatever, I know I’m hot! In all seriousness, I don’t think I could have found a more loving, caring, generous and beautiful […]


Project ~ Harlow LeisureZone

Harlow LeisureZone, a brand new sports leisure facility, boasting state of the art equipment in a brand new building.

They wanted me to design and build some HTML templates for their developer to build into their CMS.

After spending some time gathering requirements and providing them with wireframes, the design was signed off almost straight away.

Photoshop, HTML, CSS